Flash Dance with Trix Bester

My dance/movement project focusses on women ‘of a certain age’, i.e. upwards from 50, who are comfortable with their bodies decorated with age. Women who are not shy of wrinkles, swollen veins, senile warts and other identifiers of time. At the same time, women who move with a suppleness and elegance that defies conventional age categories. 

In addition to this, my recent project with friend Trix Bester, provided a lovely surprise. Until now I had assumed Dancer and Photographer needed a pre-verbalized ‘text’ so to speak in order to achieve more than a mere ‘pretty picture.’ Our dance session in her sitting room, curtains drawn with the light streaming underneath the curtains, in an otherwise dimly lit room, subverted this assumption.

There was no need for a pre-verbalized concept or theme. This developed gradually and spontaneously as I watched the dancer repeating simple basic steps of the Tango, interrupting the paces of her  Line dance-sequence, to carry out some instructions from me. She immediately understood what I was after, when I asked her to sweep her hands close to the floor. I wanted limbs (hand and feet) in conversation with one another. 

A number of interesting patterns, creating visual and psychological tension had offered themselves: contrasts between light and dark, lightness ( transparence) and heaviness (density). These opposites encapsulated for me the many shades between ethereal and gritty earthiness. 


17th October 2013



age, dance, dark, delicate, earthy, elegance, ethereal, gritty, heavy, light, move, project focusses, Trix Bester