The Photographic series, Dorsland (literally translated as Thirst Land) investigates the effects of climate change, which has become a major concern over the past decade on the emotions.

In Cape Town, South Africa where I live, the scarcity of drinkable water leads to the dark forecast of Day Zero which were forecast in 2017 to hit the City, the First in the World, by April 2018. This has not happened, through the radical intervention of all players, from Government to City administration to every business and individual.

My project is an experimentation in making digital composites, known in the days of analogue as a double exposure. In post-production I use Photoshop to combine between three and five different single exposures to produce one final image.

The scenes included are from various sources from my photographic archive. From dry grass captured in the deserts of the United States of America, like Death Valley, to droplets on spider webs in the Table Mountain National Park. It also includes images of cracked mud, patterns in mountain pools, mountain landscapes and a portrait of my friend, Lauren Jenny.

Printed on archival Hahnemuele German Etching Paper, by Master Printer Vincent van Graan in a limited edition of 15

image size 420×277,

paper size 620×478,

mounted on foamcore for temporary display, size 560 x 420.


12th December 2016



double, drought, earth, exposure, figure, hands, portrait, prayer, protection, surreal, survival, water