Reflections And Refractions

Legacy Gallery’s debut exhibition, Reflections and Refractions is largely a mini review of photography - the medium that freezes a moment and reveals just how rich reality truly is. LEGACY GALLERY Muratie Wine Estate. Stellenbosch Opening 6 July 2024 at 11am Work by Bobby Bobson, Ruvan Boshoff, Bettie Coetzee

The Lens

Photographic Group Exhibition and Panel Discussion at luxury hotel, The Gorgeous George Hotel, 118 St Georges Mall, Cape Town 5 July 17:00 to 23:00 (free), 6 July 11:00 to 16:00 lunch (R500) Curator: Susan Proctor Hume Invited Panelists: Josie Borain, Gavin Furlonger, Sam Pegg, Benny Gool, Francois Visser Artists: Aimee

Grenadilla Passiflora 

Nothing is what it seems to be

Er staat niet wat er staat, the Dutch poet, Martinus Nijhoff’s said. Could one translate literally, The words written on paper, is not its meaning? Or Nothing is what it seems to be’. And, what about include too: the tools you use is not the artwork? What

Veils Of Stone

Statement A love of deserts inspires Cape Town artist Bettie Coetzee Lambrecht’s textile work, Veils of Stone, based on her studies of sandstone deserts worldwide, including South Africa’s Meiringspoort, Namibia’s Sossusvlei, North Africa’s Sahara and Antelope Slot Canyon in the USA. Veils of Stone interrogates the

Tongue in Cheek

Nature As Us – Upside/Down Above/Below Inside/Out

The concept that nature and us are one is not a unique one. Even though many still believe in the dualism inherent in the biblical concept of Man reigning over nature. But lets drop that argument. How the One-ness of Us and Nature (elements, animals, plants,

The Gift of Walls – Part II Dys-U-Topia

Only one thing would save me from insanity. Cutting twenty-one days into chewable bites might achieve just that. A new photo-project, new pictures to process on my computer could be the answer. My world was about to shrink to the size of my screen. Desperate

Street Experience Medley – from all over

The Street, including pavements, public squares and other open spaces within the borders of town and city, is where life shows itself in many moods. Where life is immediate, un-choreographed, filled with surprises or shock or awe, or delight. All is in motion - legs,