Street Experience Medley – from all over

The Street, including pavements, public squares and other open spaces within the borders of town and city, is where life shows itself in many moods. Where life is immediate, un-choreographed, filled with surprises or shock or awe, or delight. All is in motion - legs,

San Francisco – Street

Buildings that soar into Neverland, city streets in rainbow colours confirming all variations of gender identifications live peacefully side by side. Plaques of remembrance to honour poets who resisted any form of fundamentalist fascist thinking. Drug tireds spread out on city park lawns. Elderly couples

Street Experience – Amsterdam

What a City! Like Venice "floating" on water. Like Venice it's distorted reflections on water, windows and all shiny surfaces arrested me. Like in other European cities the blending of old and new and the respect for history imbedded in architecture and the layout of