Nature and Us

We know it: nature and us are one. The question is how does this One-ness manifest itself? We experience the destructiveness of drought, floods and storms that wreak havoc on our farms and city structures. Buildings collapse cars are swept into the ocean. People die while


The Photographic series, Dorsland (literally translated as Thirst Land) investigates the effects of climate change, which has become a major concern over the past decade on the emotions. In Cape Town, South Africa where I live, the scarcity of drinkable water leads to the dark forecast

Still Life in Motion – a camera’s perspective

Initially intended as an exploration of states of mind and emotions through body movement, this body of work slowly morphed into a meditation on fragile life and relationships. Life becoming paradoxically more and more precious whilst crumbling away into broken shards and fragments. What once

Flash Dance with Trix Bester

My dance/movement project focusses on women ‘of a certain age’, i.e. upwards from 50, who are comfortable with their bodies decorated with age. Women who are not shy of wrinkles, swollen veins, senile warts and other identifiers of time. At the same time, women who


How we meet, feel mutual attraction to a variety of different persons, that each has particular characteristics that resonate our own. As the relationship develops older ones drift to the background - not disappearing, but visible through transparent layers. Disagreements, conflicts, resolving of conflicts all