Tongue in Cheek

Nature As Us – Upside/Down Above/Below Inside/Out

The concept that nature and us are one is not a unique one. Even though many still believe in the dualism inherent in the biblical concept of Man reigning over nature. But lets drop that argument. How the One-ness of Us and Nature (elements, animals, plants,

The Gift of Walls – Part II Dys-U-Topia

Only one thing would save me from insanity. Cutting twenty-one days into chewable bites might achieve just that. A new photo-project, new pictures to process on my computer could be the answer. My world was about to shrink to the size of my screen. Desperate

Still Life in Motion – a camera’s perspective

Initially intended as an exploration of states of mind and emotions through body movement, this body of work slowly morphed into a meditation on fragile life and relationships. Life becoming paradoxically more and more precious whilst crumbling away into broken shards and fragments. What once


How we meet, feel mutual attraction to a variety of different persons, that each has particular characteristics that resonate our own. As the relationship develops older ones drift to the background - not disappearing, but visible through transparent layers. Disagreements, conflicts, resolving of conflicts all