Artist Book Binneste Buite Codex

Inside Out/Binneste Buite -The Book as Art Museum; an exploration of the simultaneous experience of Time. Artist’s Book, Printed by BookMaker Helene van Aswegen, Stellenbosch University, Stellenbosch. 2019

INSTALLATION – book format

Comprises of 12 photographic images Inket-printed on Hahnemuele Watercolour paper, protected in sheets of perspex. These ‘book pages/walls’ are installed upright on a rotating base. The rotating table is placed on a concrete cylindrical base paying homage to the architecture of the ZeitzMOCAA.

CODEX book format

Binneste Buite/Inside Out Codex book is printed on Epson UltraChrome Ink on Innova Smooth Cotton High White 215 gsm paper. Casebound with a cement block as part to the cover, by Art Binder, Heléne van Aswegen.
Signed by the artist: ‘BettieCL 2019’Artist Book Binneste Buite Codex
Artist Book Binneste Buite Codex


The exploration of Time, the blending of past and present, of space and movement, is a continuation of a visual project since 2012. The simultaneous experience of Then and Now, Inside and Out, is currently presented as composites, i.e. the overlaying of different photographs onto each other. These are displayed on the wall as framed artworks handprinted on archival paper, as well as in the format of an Artist’s Book. This is not to be confused with a commercially produced photo book, where the main drive by the publisher /editor is commercial. The AB, by contrast, has concept and process as its main focus, coupled with the intention of blending format, material, layout, text and visuals with the concept in a meaningful whole. The AB can include both the conventional codex format and other imaginative designs, such as the sculptural or installation variation.

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